Leasing and rental business Besides regular exchanges, we present the best items and quantity.

Please feel free to ask us about choosing the right items and quantity when your store/institution is upgraded or newly opened.
Our abundant experience as the lease and rental company makes further contributions to helping your business.

Services for hotel & Japanese Ryokan inn

Bedding leasing service
Bedding leasing service A variety of services toward corporations are available with both longer and shorter time.
 Towel and bed spread leasing
Towel and bed spread leasing The corporations may use our various linen services which are usually not provided by other linen supply industries.
Uniform leasing
Uniform leasing The nice and clean uniforms may be efficient to increase employee's awareness toward their jobs.
Futon rentals
Futon rentals Available to rent only a set for a day.
The blanket, pillow, and bed spread may be added to the futon set as an optional extra.
Click here for the details of futon rentals and fees.

Services for medical institutions

We handle with a variety of articles as follow:

  • ・Bedding leasing
  • ・Curtain leasing
  • ・Hospitalization set leasing
  • ・Mattress leasing
  • ・Hospital gown & underwear leasing
  • ・Uniform leasing

Please feel free to contact us.

Services for individual customers

個人のお客様向けにも各種寝具の レンタルを行なっています。

A standard set including comforters, mattress, and pillow costs ¥1,350 per night!
Add single items for a standard set with extra charge.
Please contact us for more details.

Click here for the details of futon rentals and fees.