Company information Our logo represents "cleanliness".

HIRO Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. We are grateful to our customers for their earnest support. We will continue add an extraordinary value while striving to further strengthen our passion for cleanliness.


September, 2016 Youkaichi factory was built.
November, 2010 The clean factory division was established.
May, 2005 The construction of the two-story office building was completed.
November, 1996 The name of HIRO Cleanup, Inc. was changed to the "HIRO Corporation, Inc."
March, 1992 The name of HIRO Linen Supply was changed to "HIRO Cleanup, Inc."
November, 1989 The 3rd factory with five-story building was built.
September, 1987 The 2nd factory with four-story building was built.
August, 1977 The 1st factory with two-story building was built.
May, 1969 The capital was increased to 20 million yen
July, 1964 The HIRO Linen Supply, Inc. was established
April, 1963 The HIRO is first being established as the division of linen supply at Ito Hiroshi, Inc.